Audio Description


Audio Description

At Cinepros, our passion lies in making media content easily accessible to everyone. Through our Audio Description (AD) services, we strive to enhance the viewing experience for individuals with visual impairments. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the wonder of cinema and multimedia. 

But what exactly is Audio Description?

 It’s a method of narrating the visual aspects of media content, creating a dynamic auditory experience for those with visual impairments. It’s a considerate and inclusive approach to conveying crucial visual details, allowing everyone to fully engage with the story.

Types of AD We Offer:

Standard AD: Elevate the storytelling of movies and TV series with our expertly crafted standard audio descriptions.

Extended AD: From educational content to corporate videos, we’ll work with you to ensure your video content benefits most from audio description

Live Event Descriptions: Ensure accessibility for live events with our real-time audio descriptions that capture the excitement of the moment.

Formats We Work With:

Our versatility extends to the formats we work with, offering customized solutions to meet your specific needs:

Embedded Descriptions: Seamlessly integrate audio descriptions into standard audio tracks.

Separate AD Tracks: Provide a dedicated track for audio descriptions, offering flexibility for the end-user.

Custom Formats: Tailor our services to align with your unique content and audience preferences.

Choose Cinepros for professional, reliable, and creative audio description services. Join us in fostering a more inclusive and enjoyable media experience for everyone.

Let’s make your content speak to all audiences. Explore our Audio Description services today!

Can I encode myself?

Yes and no. There is software that you may own that will allow you to encode video files yourself, such as Apple Compressor, Telestream Episode, and some Avid software.

However, certain file types require specialized software for caption encoding. On top of that, you still need a caption file that syncs perfectly with your video file. The software you may own probably does not allow you to manipulate the captioning to any great extent.

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