Best Foreign TV Shows to Watch on Spring Break

As spring break nears, it’s time to unwind and enjoy some downtime. And what better way than with binge-worthy foreign TV shows? Whether you’re at home or away, these series offer a getaway into different cultures, thrilling stories, and memorable characters. And thanks to subtitles, we can explore stories from all over the world. So grab your snacks and let’s dive into some international entertainment!

Welcome to Samdal-ri (South Korea) – Netflix: Let’s kick off our spring break binge-watch list with a heartwarming journey to rural South Korea. In “Welcome to Samdal-ri,” we follow the story of Jo Sam-dal, a world-renowned photographer who finds herself unexpectedly back in her hometown. Through her eyes, we rediscover the beauty of small-town life, the warmth of old friendships, and the possibility of new beginnings. With its charming setting, endearing characters, and delightful romance, this Korean drama is the perfect pick for a cozy night in.

Fedeltà (Italy) – Netflix: Now, let’s journey to the romantic streets of Milan for a captivating tale of love, betrayal, and redemption. “Fedeltà” follows the lives of a couple navigating the complexities of modern relationships against the backdrop of Italy’s fashion capital. As they grapple with their own desires and the consequences of their actions, we’re drawn into a web of secrets, lies, and unexpected twists. With its lush cinematography, compelling performances, and richly drawn characters, this Italian miniseries is a feast for the senses and a perfect choice for a leisurely afternoon binge-watch.

Suburra (Italy) – Netflix: From the glamour of Milan, we now venture into the gritty underworld of Rome with “Suburra.” Inspired by real events, this gripping thriller takes us on a journey through the city’s dark underbelly, where mafia gangs, corrupt politicians, and Vatican clergy vie for power and influence. As alliances are forged and betrayals abound, we’re drawn into a world of danger, deceit, and moral ambiguity. With its atmospheric setting, taut suspense, and morally complex characters, “Suburra” is a binge-worthy treat for fans of crime dramas and political thrillers.

Moving (South Korea) – Hulu, Disney+ (outside of the U.S.): Next up, we have a thrilling adventure set in the bustling streets of Seoul. “Moving” introduces us to Bongseok and Huisoo, two teenagers with extraordinary abilities who find themselves thrust into a world of danger and intrigue. As they navigate the complexities of their newfound powers and face off against a mysterious adversary, we’re treated to a rollercoaster ride of action, suspense, and heartwarming friendship. With its dynamic storytelling and impressive visuals, this South Korean series is a must-watch for fans of superhero tales and coming-of-age stories alike.

Lupin (France) – Netflix: Our next stop takes us to the streets of Paris for a stylish and sophisticated adventure with “Lupin.” Inspired by the classic French literary character Arsène Lupin, this modern-day adaptation follows the exploits of Assane Diop, a charming and enigmatic gentleman thief. With his wit, cunning, and mastery of disguise, Assane embarks on a series of daring heists and elaborate schemes, all while seeking justice for his father’s wrongful imprisonment. With its sleek production values, clever storytelling, and charismatic lead performance by Omar Sy, “Lupin” is a delightful blend of mystery, intrigue, and high-stakes excitement.

Bandidos (Mexico) – Netflix: Finally, we conclude our spring break binge-watch journey with a thrilling treasure hunt in the sun-drenched Gulf of Mexico. In “Bandidos,” we follow the adventures of Miguel and his band of merry misfits as they embark on a quest to recover a legendary treasure lost at sea. Along the way, they encounter rival treasure hunters, treacherous waters, and plenty of unexpected twists and turns. With its swashbuckling action, playful humor, and breathtaking scenery, this Mexican series is a perfect pick for a lazy day by the pool or a cozy night under the stars.

Happy spring break binge-watching!

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