Expressing Love in 6,900 Ways: A Linguistic Journey Across Cultures


According to the 2009 Ethnologue published by SIL International, there are approximately 6,900 languages spoken worldwide. This signifies 6,900 unique ways to express daily words, each with its own nuance and significance.

Even a simple phrase like “I love you” can be conveyed in 6,900 distinct manners, reflecting different cultural contexts and interpretations. In essence, there are 6,900 ways to express love.

In a globalized world, where connections seem to bridge geographical gaps, people still retain a deep connection to their roots. Despite increased empathy and information flow across the globe, individuals carry within them the essence of their upbringing—streets, faces, ancestral stories, and, notably, their language. It becomes impossible to ignore the unique meanings that each language imparts to common words, especially regarding profound emotions like love. The question arises: can love truly be translated, capturing the depth intended by writers and singers in their native languages?

As February ushers in the celebration of love worldwide, Cinepros takes on the challenge of translating some of the most beautiful lyrics globally to connect them with their authentic meanings.

Carla Bruni – Quelu’ un qui ma dit
Many harbor an impossible love—unfulfilled and fearing oblivion. Bruni speaks of the hope that it might still be possible, embodying the inevitable melancholy resonating with the French.

On me dit que nos vies ne valent pas grand-chose
Elles passent en un instant comme fanent les roses
On me dit que le temps qui glisse est un salaud
Que de nos chagrins il s’en fait des manteaux
Pourtant quelqu’un m’a dit que tu m’aimais encore
C’est quelqu’un qui m’a dit que tu m’aimais encore
Serait-ce possible alors?

Our world has taught me that a single life doesn’t hold much value, fleeting and succumbing to the relentless passage of time, constantly enveloped in our pain. Yet, someone has assured me that you still love me. Could that still be possible?

Eres – Cafe Tacuba
Inspired by first love and the passion of teenage years, the Mexican band recalls the intensity surrounding the urgency of being next to your loved one, portraying a love vision that permeates Latin America.

El tiempo que comparto, eso eres
Lo que la gente promete cuando se quiere
Mi salvación, mi esperanza y mi fe
El que quererte quiere como nadie, soy
El que te llevaría el sustento día a día, día a día
El que por ti daría la vida, ese soy

The time I choose to share—that’s who you are to me.
The promises people make in love—my salvation, hope, and faith.
I am the one who loves you like no other has,
Sustaining you every day, willing to give my life for you.

Felicita – Al Bano and Romina Power
La Dolce Far Niente, the pleasure of doing nothing, epitomizes the Italian way of enjoying life. This song captures the euphoria of falling and staying in love, celebrating the little and not-so-little things.

Felicità è tenersi per mano, andare lontano
La felicità è il tuo sguardo innocente in mezzo alla gente
La felicità è restare vicini come bambini
Felicità è un bicchiere di vino con un panino
La felicità è lasciarti un biglietto dentro al cassetto
La felicità è cantare a due voci quanto mi piaci
Senti, nell’aria c’è già
Un raggio di sole più caldo che va
Come un sorriso che sa di felicità

Happiness is holding hands, choosing to explore faraway places.
Happiness is watching your innocent gaze, observing everything around.
Happiness is staying close, behaving like little kids.
Happiness is a glass of good wine with the perfect platter,
Or leaving a love letter next to your bedside.
Happiness is singing together about our love.
Feel the happiness—it’s in the air, like a warm ray of sun in the winter cold,
A smile that tastes like the purest joy.

夜に駆ける by Yoasobi
In Japanese culture, expressing love verbally takes a back seat to acts of love. Love is viewed as a sacred agreement where loyalty and kindness form the foundation. Yoasobi reflects on how modern love is reshaping this meaning.


We live in a world full of deadlines and constant TikToks,
Where heartless people tend to speak louder.
Even if this saddens me, to the point of tears,
If you and I choose to be together, I’m confident happiness can be found in the mundane.

Now that we know there are countless ways to say “I love you”—and sing it—let’s choose the form of love that speaks the loudest. Whether in your native language or another, there will always be the right words to demonstrate your love, and at Cinepros, we’re here to help you translate those words into any desired language.

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